DigiStamps is a company located in Seville. We have state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest technology for laser engraving. We produce any type of rubber stamp since our company was created in the year 2000 and since then it has been adding to its product catalog manual rubber stamps, automatic rubber stamps, ballpoint pens with a built-in stamp, Ex Libris stamps, date stamps, numerators, dry stamps, wax seals and a long list of products related to industrial marking. We work with official bodies, large, small and medium-sized companies and also with private clients who have placed their trust in DigiSellos for years..



Being manufacturers is what has always allowed us to offer the best prices on personalized rubber stamps. Always offering the highest quality and the best service to our customers is what has made us a leading international company in the manufacture of personalized rubber stamps. Among our clients are large organizations and institutions, (Hospitals, Town Halls, Junta de Andalucía, etc…) professionals from the graphic sector, advertising agencies, stationery stores, copy shops and companies dedicated to the supply of office material.

Since 2000, DigiSellos has been selling online rubber stamps through the Web. We offer the same quality and efficiency as in our physical store located in Seville and we are committed to continuously innovating and developing new products and services to meet the needs of our customers.


At DigiSellos we have tested all the products and materials on the market of rubber stamps (TrodatIdealColopjoinmax, etc…) to reach the conclusion that ShinyIt is the best on the market. What sets it apart is the quality of its materials, product design, durability and perfect printing. In addition to being very economical, the wide range of products: automatic seals Shiny Printer, daters, daters with plate, numerators, rubber stamps, alphabets, dry stamp, replacement pads, inks of a wide variety of colors, handy stamp pocket stamps, tampons, etc...). We also have products from other manufacturers such as: Pens Heri, Justrite daters,


Shiny Printer Line

- Ergonomic design.
– Text display window.
– Easy pad change with a single click.
– Bilateral blockade.
– Non-slip base.

Rubber Stamps Automatic Daters – Heavy Duty

(there is no more resistant dater on the market than this series)
– Steel core, solid structure for daily use.
– Text Display Window: Shows all the text on the printout at actual size.
– Solid steel positioning frame, so you can always place the print in the right place.
– Non-slip base, ensures a position when sealing and dampens noise in the sealing process.
– Plastic coating. Twice the life thanks to a new and more resistant plastic alloy.
– Bilateral lock, offers high security in pad change and date setting.

Pocket Rubber Stamps – Handy Stamp

– Portable and durable.
– Perfect for signatures or personal information while traveling. Portable however, it provides superior prints for those looking for mobility and quality.
– Creative handle design with more than 20 colors.
– Replaceable ink pad.
– Unique mechanism design, can be easily performed with one hand.

Rubber Stamp Pens – Heri

– Wide variety of models and finishes.
– Patented sealing mechanism for comfortable and clean use.
– Text plate that allows a clear impression thanks to the homogeneous pressure.
– There is space for three or four lines of text.
– High quality standard lead.


In 2012 DigiSellos adds to its catalog the Ecological Series of rubber stamps: Ecoline Pet
This material comes from 100% recycled PET plastic, such as beverage/water bottles. Not only does it reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and reduce CO2 emissions, but also the reuse of wasted PET bottles is found. Recycled PET material works well with bright colors.

With environmental threat and degradation such as deforestation in mind, Stampa has introduced a series of products with 75% recycled material.

ISO 14001 : 2004 standard Shiny has adapted its management system, with priority emphasis on the preservation of natural resources and minimizing the impact of technology on the environment.

Among all our variety of rubber stamps you will find:

Wood Stamps | Automatic Seals | Automatic Daters | dry stamps | Pocket Stamps |  Ex Libris Stamps


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